Meet Your Instructors!
Dancin' Dave
Kool Ken
Darlin' Darcy

Hi!  I'm Darcy.  I've been dancing for about 17 years.  I began with East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa and Charleston, but loved dancing so much that I soon found myself interested in other styles of dance, such as West Coast Swing, Nightclub Two-Step,  and Hustle.  I started going places where people were dancing Ballroom.  When that was no longer enough to feed my addiction to dance, I dipped my toes in the Latin waters, picking up some Salsa, Cha Cha,  and Merengue.  I love that no matter how long you've been dancing, someone can always teach you something new.  Since the first night, I have always felt that partner dancing was inside me, just waiting to be set free...  and, I love teaching others to dance, and see them fall in love with it the way I did.

We are still working on getting a bio from Ken...

Hi there, I love swing dancing and find great pleasure in helping others learn and enjoy it like I do.  I have been swing dancing since 2004, having taken classes from the San Diego Fire House to Santa Barbara Rec Center and everything in between, and also have some teaching experience of my own.  I met my darling wife Darcy swing dancing.  I've gone to many "Lindy Exchanges" and dance camps.  I'm quite sure that the only way to achieve world peace is through - swing dancing.  Please join us, and experience way sweet benefits and joys !